How to Attach Records to Your FamilySearch Family Tree has an awesome tool that lets you attach historical records you find on to your FamilySearch Family Tree. When you find a record, you’ll launch this tool when you select the Attach to Family Tree button.

This tool offers you many options for attaching the record not only to the person you were searching for, but also to other family members in your family tree. Use the diagram below to become acquainted with each part of the “attaching” tool, so you know what to expect when attaching records.Attaching records to family tree

1. Person of Record and Spouse. This shows the person on the record you found and the information from the record.

2. Selected Person and Spouse. This portion of the screen shows the information on that person that’s already in the family tree, so you know what new information to attach or old information you’ll be confirming by attaching the source. Looking at the information in this column can help you confirm the record truly is a match to your ancestor.

3. Tag Events and/or Add to Source Box. Check or uncheck these boxes to add the information from the source into your family tree and/or to your Source Box.

4. Reason to Attach Source. Type in the reason why you know this source is correct for this person, then click the Attach button. After you attach the record, you’ll see a detatch icon in the center of the listing. If you made a mistake, you can click that link to detatch the record from the person’s family tree entry.

5. Attach link/paper clip icon. For other family members listed on the record, you’ll see an Attach link/icon. You can attach the record to those other relatives’ records at the same time you attach it to the record of the initial person you searched for.

6. Children on the record. Link children on the record to the couple in your family tree by clicking the Attach link in the Children on Record/Children From Family Tree section. The information on children already contained in the family tree is listed on the right, and new information from the record is on the left.

7. Change. Clicking this link lets you change the focus person, meaning you could change the focus person from the mother listed on the record, to the child, for example.

Learn more about using FamilySearch Family Tree in the Unofficial Guide to


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