The Value of FamilySearch Family Tree Record Hints

Record Hint

Record hint on FamilySearch Family Tree

Earlier this year, added Record Hints to its FamilySearch Family Tree. If you’re familiar with, then think of these new Record Hints in as sort of the equivalent to’s shaky leaf icons.

If hints are available and you’re using Landscape view for your tree, you’ll see a brown icon with a laptop and magnifying class. To see the hint(s), click on the icon. A pop-up window will show potential record matches for your ancestor that aren’t already connected to the person on your family tree.

Pretty cool, huh?

Record Hint Details

Details of a Record Hint in FamilySearch Family Tree

You can examine the record(s) more closely by clicking on the Show Details link. It will take you to a page of hints for that person, where you can review the record, and decide if it’s a match. If it’s a match, you can attach it as a source to that person’s family tree entry. If not, you can select Not a Match.

So why are these hints a great addition to the FamilySearch Family Tree?

Simply put, it makes your research easier and may save you time. Instead of having to do several searches on the site for historical records, you’ve got potential record matches right at your fingertips. It also makes it convenient to cite sources for ancestors on your family tree because the record is right there for you to attach to the tree.

Of course, not all records for each ancestor on will show up in the Record Hints. You’ll still want to do record searches for any records you’re missing, but it’s a great step forward to saving genealogists research time.

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