Writing is Easy. Why Do I Need to Hire Someone?

copywritingWriting is a basic skill we learn in school, so many times businesses think all writing should be done in-house. Writing is easy, isn’t it? Well, not all writing is easy. And not all writing is top-quality or delivers the results you want.

Here are three reasons to consider hiring a copywriter for your next writing project.

1. To get an objective and fresh approach. A copywriter can help you find a fresh approach to copy that staff who deal with intricacies of your business every day may not see.

For example, as part of the copywriting for a recent project, it was my responsibility to develop ideas for key topics plus the specific focus for email copy in a series of email blasts. The client told me they really liked the fresh approach I took to planning the email series content. They had been looking for a fresh perspective that other copywriters they’d worked with on many past projects couldn’t give them because they were set in their routine.

2. To ensure copy is high-quality. Sure, everyone may be able to write, but the quality of that writing can vary greatly. And it goes beyond having good spelling and grammar. When you hire a professional copywriter, you know you’re getting an expert to create copy that will present your business in the best light possible.

A good copywriter will follow your direction, but also can help you identify the best voice in which to speak to your audience. A good copywriter will write clearly and concisely so you won’t lose your audience. A good copywriter also can develop strategic copy and messages to meet your needs and deliver results.

For example, when I work on copywriting projects for college and universities, it’s often difficult for the individual college to see the bigger picture of how its school is different from others in ways that are relevant to their audience. It seems like all liberal arts colleges offer “small class sizes” and “personal attention” from faculty. As a copywriter, it’s my job to find the factors that differentiate the college and other businesses, and put those into writing.

3. To save you time. You’re busy. And many times as people get busier, writing copy for websites or brochures gets put on the backburner. When writing does happen, it may be rushed. And that’s where errors creep in and where quality suffers.

A good copywriter will save you time and allow you to spend your time on more important things (like following up with prospective customers). In addition, writing copy should be done intentionally and with strategic thought. A quality copywriter will help you get the best stories and best copy for your projects. The better your copy, the better the results you should get.

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Dana McCullough is a freelance writer and editor who frequently writes, edits, copy-edits, and proofreads content for magazines, blogs, websites, books, and more. She is the owner of Dana’s Creative Services. Twitter: @DanasCreative

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